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One of the most exciting tours for Folklore Dance Ensemble “Zhar” was the one in Indonesia in 2016. The ensemble participated in „Erau International Folk Art Festival” – Tenggarong, Indonesia, 20-28 August 2016, following an invitation from CIOFF Indonesia.
The official program included performances and street parades with 10 ensembles, from the USA, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Canada, Poland, Romania, Russia and Taiwan. There were also special ceremonies with the participation of the sultan of Kutai Kartanegara area in Eastern Kalimantan. All 259 participants in the festival had the opportunity to become familiar with local culture and traditions.
The leisure time program for the participants in Erau International Folk Art Festival 2016 involved traditional Indonesian games, thematic evenings dedicated to the different countries who had representatives at the festival, visiting cultural and historical sites, a walk through the biggest reserve for orangutan monkeys and many more.
Visiting the school where Rainhard Kadmeier, the guide of the Bulgarian group, works, left unforgettable memories for local children and for us, the dancers, too.

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