Special Events

Special Events


Folklore Dance Ensemble “Zhar“ can refresh the program for your special event through the performance of a folklore ritual, a folklore dance choreography or a lively traditional Bulgarian chain dance.
We have been part of numerous public and social events, corporate seminars, conferences, private celebrations, charity initiatives and many more.

Folklore Dance Ensemble “Zhar” offers performances related to a wide variety of rituals for the authentic Bulgarian look and feel of your wedding day: from the preparation of the groom, through the ritual of gathering with the best man, taking the bride and welcoming the newly-weds to the wedding restaurant. The unique rhythm of Bulgarian folklore dances can be presented through staged performances and horo dances (chain dances) in front of your guests.

The program can and will be entirely synchronized with your desires and with the overall style of your event.


Special events with Folklore Dance Ensemble “Zhar”:



In 2015 “Zhar” took part in a challenging project related to the depiction of a TRADITIONAL BULGARIAN WEDDING from the early 20th century. The main goal of this project was to introduce the viewers to the traditional rituals during weddings from a century ago and it caused great interest among Bulgarian folklore admirers.

In December 2014 the Ensemble was a guest performer at ethno-fusion group “Oratnitza”’s 5th birthday concert, which took place in a popular club in Sofia before an audience of over 1,000 young people, captivated by the magic and beauty of Bulgarian folklore.