VI Charity Concert “To Defeat Evil with Dance” – 2017
February 5, 2017 No Comments News admin

On 11th February 2017 took place The VI Charity Concert “To Defeat Evil with Dance”, organized by Folklore Dance Ensemble “Zhar”. The concert was held in the Syndication Cultural Home of the Transport Workers in Bulgaria – Sofia. The charity’s purpose this year was to provide financial support for the medical treatment of the 23-year old Yavor Dimitrov and the little one Georgi Stoilov.
In the defeat of the „evil” we received support with the performances of our friends from Club for Bulgarian Folk Dances “Na Megdana”, Dance Formation “Dzhivgari”, Club for Bulgarian Folk Dances “Yastra”, Club for Bulgarian Folk Dances “Delikanlii”, Folklore Dance Ensemble “Bulgarani”, and Dance Formation “Pasareltsi”. In addition to all that there was a charity stand that offered the unique cups made by “Embroideries Storyteller”.
All dancers passionately dedicated their performances to the charitable cause. The children from the Children’s Dance Group “Zhar” performed their dances brilliantly, as well. The whole was full and with the noble audience, we managed to collect additional financial support for the beneficiaries. From the depths of our hearts we wish luck to Yavor and Gogo.
The outstanding photos from the concert are taken by the photographer Asen Velikov.

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